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When it comes to design, I forget that it's not something that comes naturally to everyone. For me, decorating has been a hobby since childhood. Redecorating my bedroom was a summer tradition, I spent my allowance on accessorizing my room, and rearranged my furniture as a weekend hobby. After pursuing interior design as my career, I have learned the ins and outs of the technical side of design however, it's still something that comes from my gut. When I have friends ask for decorating advice, I am quick to give them direction or suggestions however I recently realized that I tend to skip the big picture. So, here are a few tips for where to start when decorating (or redecorating) your space.

1 :: Decide what feeling or vibe do you want your space to have? 
Do you want your space to feel vibrant, colorful, and lively? Do you love a clean, neutral palette that feels soothing and sophisticated? Do you want your space to be an eclectic mix of pieces that tell your story? Do you want it to be soft and serene? Layered and colorful? Comfortable and warm? Defining your style sets the groundwork for decorating your space.

2:: Identify what's working and what's not? 
Depending on what you decided from question one, determine what in your space fits with your style and what doesn't? Don't work around existing pieces that are inconsistent with your desired style. For example, if you have a bold red sofa but your going for a neutral, soothing design style, ditch the sofa! It will only hold you back and force you into other decisions that go against your style goals, leaving you (and your space) unhappy.

3 :: Pick a starting point and prioritize. 
This is something that can be tough to do. It's easy to become overwhelmed and begin purchasing miscellaneous pieces, avoiding the big decisions and derailing your design goals. A good place to start is with something you REALLY love. If you find a rug, a bedspread, a piece of furniture that you truly love, buy it and base the remaining decisions around that. Buying something that speaks to you is always the best place to start.

4 :: Stay inspired! 
With so much great inspiration out there these days it's easy to get carried away pinning and saving beautiful interior images but try to be realistic and objective. What about that interior, room, or decor drew you to it? Why? Do you love how they styled the bookshelves? The mix of color and texture? How they layered the bedding? Staying inspired will help you to stay on track with what you specifically want and how to get it! 

5 :: Don't rush. 
It takes time. I beg you, please do not go to rooms to go and buy a set of furniture. Just have patience. When in doubt, ask me! Seriously, email me at I love helping people pull their space together!

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