Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all you mama's out there! I'm spending this mother's day at home in Atlanta taking care of my mom who had surgery last week. Her surgery was for insertional achilles tendonitis, nothing life threatening, but as they prepped her and rolled her back to the operating room my mind and heart flooded with emotions. "Does she really know how much I love her? Did I hug her tight enough? Did I thank her enough for all that she's done for me? Was I kind enough? What if something happens to her? What would I do!?"

A quick two hours later, she was out of surgery and ready to go home. Later that day, I told her about all of the emotions I was feeling and shared with her all of the things I would have wished I'd gotten a chance to say. That led us to a conversation about life, death, and how unfortunate it is that more often than not we don't say all those wonderful things about a person until they're gone. She told me about a friend of hers who actually wrote his brother's obituary and shared it with him while he was alive. His brother wasn't sick, or dying, or going in for surgery - he just wanted him to know all of the things that he loved about him and how much he meant to everyone who knew him while he was still here to hear it.

On this mother's day, I urge you to think about all of the things you would wish you had said and share them with your mom. Tell her how much you love her, how wonderful she is, your favorite things about her, and your fondest memories of her while you can. You will make her day in the best way possible.

To my sweet mom - I love you today and always. You are my best friend, my confident, and my biggest fan. You give the best advice and have a way of always making things better. Your humor and love for life is contagious. People will always remember you laughing, joking, smiling. You are always the life of the party (and always brought the best dish too)! Your love of children, pugs, food, gardening and convertible rides are all part of what makes you so wonderful and whenever I see a blue bird or rainbow I think of you. Your children, students, family and friends all love you because of your incredible warmth and silliness.  You are truly one of a kind and I only hope to be half as much of a loving mother as you have been to us. I love you more than this blog post can capture and I am so glad that you are my mother. Happy Mother's Day!

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