Guest Post: Five Home Decor Trends for 2015 // by Modernize

Today's guest post is by Jane Blanchard of Modernize. Modernize is where you come to get inspired, see what's possible, and connect with a professional who will make your dream home a reality.

Based on emerging styles appearing in trendsetting homes and fashion collections, here's what will shake up interiors in the coming year.

1. Bold Combinations
Home decorating is heading toward the dark side. Kitchen cabinets are acquiring rich, dark colors, and strong hues are appearing in other parts of the home. Heavy colors and bright saturated jewel tones are defining the color palette for 2015. They aren't appearing alone. Look for dynamic duos and vivid triads. Strong earth tones plucked from aged Renaissance paintings are in vogue as are intense combinations of marigold and ultramarine blue, teal and tangerine and violet and gold. These combinations also work with pastels and collections of closely related hues. The world is going green, and not just ecologically. Olive is predicted to be the top color for 2015.

2. The Cozy Cottage
Spaces are getting smaller and cozier. They're easier to heat, and they're more environmentally friendly. They've also generated some unique decorating ideas. Today's cottages aren't like the stuffy, chintz-filled creations of Mario Buatta. They are sleek and modern. Eclectic decorative items and carefully chosen furnishings and fixtures in soft neutral colors give small spaces a cozy and thoroughly modern feel.

3. Technology
Technology has been one of the top home improvement and design trends for several years, but 2015 marks a new era in home automation. Light switches, outlets, thermostats and light bulbs that support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are already available at your local home improvement store. They are easier to use and more affordable than ever. Unlike previous versions, special home automation hubs aren't required. These intelligent systems simply sync with your smartphone. Here are more home automation ideas.

4. Neutrality
Neutral colors are all the rage. White never gets old, but it has been supplanted by soft, smoky grays, sand tones, sea mist greens and delicate earthy colors that give interior spaces a chic and sophisticated feel. You don't have to go to the beach to enjoy this calm coastal look. It works in any home and in any room.

5. Mix-and-Match
Playing on the newly found delight of bold combinations, designers are capitalizing on the marvelous visual and tactile effects that can be achieved by mixing and matching eclectic furnishings and decorative items. Powered by the up-cycling trend, eclectic interiors are featuring exotic patterns from Asia, Africa, Scandinavia and Europe. Mismatched patchwork prints that combine multiple traditional designs are also trending. For 2015, juxtapose neoclassic furnishings, tribal accent pieces and exotic wallpapers to create a beautiful, original look. Eclectic doesn't mean down-home. Designers are putting an elegant spin on this idea, and you can too. Anything goes if it goes together. Work this trend into your home by placing bold, colorful accent pieces against a neutral or monochrome background.

Be ahead of the masses and become a trendsetter by putting these new design ideas to work. When 2015 rolls around, the world will be copying you.

For more home decor ideas check out Modernize

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