a love letter to my fiancé

If I had to pick one word to describe max it would be dedicated. He is dedicated wholeheartedly to his work and to our relationship and for that I am forever grateful. Life as a first-year resident has not been easy - long hours and weeks at a time without a day off is tasking. Even with his crazy schedule and lack of sleep, Max loves what he does and loves our little family and he makes both a priority, always.

Yesterday morning when Max got home from an overnight shift, his first overnight shift after 10 day shifts in a row with no days off in between, he greeted me with a kiss, asked how my evening was, and immediately began throwing the toys for Bruce. While they played in the hallway and I got ready for work, we chatted about our wedding budget, weekend schedule, and all the things on my to-do list that were running through my head. After a few minutes of silence, I came out to the hallway to find him sound asleep, right there on the floor. In this quiet moment, I realized just how hard he really works and how truly exhausted he must be. 

Thank you Max, for taking the time to chat with me even when you’re utterly exhausted. Thank you for humoring me as I stress about the little things and for never making me feel like they are not important. Thank you for staying humble and never using your work as an excuse. Thank you for making our family a priority. Thank you for making time for our Friday night date to the Baron's game, even though I know you were exhausted.

I love you my hard working, fun loving fiancé. I cannot wait to be your wife.
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