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One of the most common design questions I get is, "What should I do with this long narrow hallway!?" No matter what the size or style of your home, narrow hallways seem to be a common challenge. So, here are a few tips, and of course inspiration images, for how to embrace the hallway space and make it feel like a part of your home rather than an afterthought... (i'm talking to you casey + emily)...

Find a great runner + create a focal point // A great runner like this one can be all that you need to make your space feel complete. It anchors the space and gives it interest. Remember, there's nothing wrong with blank walls. Actually, blank walls allow your eye to flow freely down the space and can make it feel more open. To give your hallway some interest, create a focal point at the end that draws your eye, like this artwork and chair. Sometimes the simple solution is the best one!

Create a faux foyer // with a narrow enough table or bench, you can create an entry experience in your hall with a drop zone for odds and ends and a space that can support artwork above. Can't find a narrow table? Try a bench or a wall shelf instead

Create a gallery for photos or art // A long hallway is a great place to display a collection of artwork or family photos. To really have impact, go for large sized matching frames in black or white to give your space a collected look without feeling chaotic or overwhelming.

Display a collection of mirrors // Mirrors are always a great way to bounce the light and make a dark narrow space feel wider. Go for larger pieces to really create a statement collection. Vintage or distressed mirrors like these are great for this application because they're reflective while also having visual interest with the visual texture of the glass. This is also a great example of how to utilize a bench to create a drop zone and anchor the collection above.

Don't be afraid of color but do be aware of scale // One common mistake people often make is hanging one or two small frames in the long hallway and they just get lost. If you want to display smaller frames or art, just be sure to group them in a collection that appropriately visually balances the space and looks intentional.

Still stuck? Contact me, I'll be happy to help!

images via :: runner + focal point | hallway landing table
photo gallery hallway | mirror collection | small colorful frames
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  1. Thanks Lauren! Your ideas are always so great and helpful!!



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