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Max and I have been working on some updates around our loft and since we hosted our first Thanksgiving this year, upgrading our table was first on our list! After looking around at some different options we realized that anything that would be in scale with our loft would be tremendous and would quite frankly cost us a fortune. We decided instead of buying a new table, we wanted to find something that was a quick and inexpensive, to give us more seating and a larger scale table for our space without breaking the bank. I remembered my cousin Emily using an old door and metal trash cans to make a table in college and thought, why not!? So we hit up Home Depot, purchased a $30 flat interior door, lacquered that baby up in our parking lot, and viola! We added two more chairs and  layered a couple rugs and our dining room was ready to rock for Thanksgiving day! It's nothing fancy but it's perfect for our eclectic home! 
See more on rug layering on my post here.
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