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Let’s talk about personal well-being for a minute…

Before I moved here to Birmingham, I was living in Atlanta (inside the perimeter) and was working in Roswell. Each day, I would wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, race to get ready, and spend an hour driving through traffic to get to work. This hectic start to my day was the norm. I would then work in my cubicle for 8 hours, cherishing my one hour lunch break to run an errand or grab lunch with coworkers, and then spend another hour sitting in traffic to get home. Now I wouldn't say that I have road rage in the yelling at others way but more the grit my teeth and try not to freak out kind of way. So, I was spending 2 hours each day, 10 hours a week, gritting my teeth in traffic.

After my 11 hour days, I was exhausted. My evenings were usually spent catching up on laundry, paying bills, and more Pinteresting that I would like to admit. Max and I would spend our weeks apart and as many weekends together as we could. Many Friday and Sunday evenings were spent driving back and forth from Birmingham to Atlanta, which is only a 3 hour drive but due to traffic would usually take closer to four. My life was all about travel, traffic, and making it work. How did my life turn into this? I had a great job and a great boyfriend but my life was filled with frustration. What about my personal well-being? Most days, I felt like I had no life beyond my job and my commute. There were many days that I would find myself in tears, feeling exhausted and as if life was passing me by. Max would always console me by saying “it won’t always be this way… it’s just part of our story”. 

Finally the day came when I traded in this lifestyle for a new life here in Birmingham with Max. YAY! Now, we live less than a mile from both of our jobs and my drive to work takes THREE MINUTES! (I still can’t even believe it.) I am able to take time for myself in the mornings, to enjoy my coffee, do yoga, and start my day in a positive way. My evenings seem so long - I find myself exercising more, cooking more, and gritting my teeth less. No more traffic, no more commute, no more long distance. I have finally found balance and am living a happy, healthy life that I love. It wasn't until my life became so simplified that I realized how unhealthy it was before. I was fortunate to have a great job and boyfriend, regardless of distance, but life is too short to live it this way. I  am thankful for those experiences that brought me to where I am today. I love our story and wouldn't change it for the world, but I sure am glad the part where we build a life together is finally here.
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  1. I needed this today:) It sounds like I wrote this! I am in the 2 hour drive every single day phase and feel like life is so fast paced (because of driving all the time) that it is just passing by! I work out in the mornings which means I need to be in bed like, as soon as I get home and eat dinner, otherwise I'll be too tired in the morning. That being said, I am going to take Max's words into consideration since this is part of our story;) but this post definitely helped:)

    1. Keep your head up Rains! It's all just part of your story. Love ya!



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