on my radar // august wishlist

a few days in the sun // I feel like this summer has flown by! I am longing for those long summer days, lounging in the sun. I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more before summer's end

a turquoise ring just like my gammy's // when I was a young girl, my grandmother, Gammy, wore a fabulous turquoise ring. It eventually broke and she tossed it. I have been looking for one exactly like it for years. Since she passed away in April, I have been longing to finally find a ring just like hers

believe it or not... birkenstocks // I know, I know.. I can't believe they're back either but they are, and I'm on board. I like the thong version, as opposed to the exact ones I had in sixth grade...
a baby pug // I am in major need of some pug love in my life. I miss my ruby and eloise so much and a sweet baby pug is just what max and I need in our lives. I mean just look at those little faces!! they just make me so happy!

this lovely print // isn't it fab?! I always love bird prints and this one is so crisp and refreshing! 

my very own lemon tree // i love lemons - they add such a great burst of color to your kitchen and great flavor to any dish or drink. some friends of ours got a lemon tree and ever since I've loved the idea of growing my own lemons at home. how sweet!

a big ole' cactus //  i don't know what it is, but i am loving cactus right now - their great texture, shapes, and color. Our loft is so large in scale we need a big ole' cactus to make an impact - i'm talking texas, lost-in-the-desert, style
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