It's nice to have you in Birmingham

For those of you that have been following along, you know that I have a love for the city of Birmingham. There has been lots of talk about the revival of Birmingham over the past few years and the city has changed tremendously. Abandoned buildings and empty storefronts have given way to a new lively downtown scene, great local art, food, and entertainment, and lots of people and organizations eager to see the magic return to the “Magic City”. It’s an exciting time to be in Birmingham. 

Since we live downtown, I am constantly snapping pictures of the city-scape and views around our city-block. My Instagram of a mural on the side of John's City Diner downtown recently got some attention from Buy Local, a campaign started by a graphic designer to bring attention to local people and places in Birmingham and Alabama. It turns out, this mural was done by the Magic City Mural Collective which is a collective of artists working to create vibrancy and visual interest on the sides of buildings in downtown Birmingham. The Magic City Mural Collective is hosting a kickstarter to fund a mural on the side of a new local brewery, Trim Tab Brewery. The mural will be of the iconic “it’s nice to have you in Birmingham”, a slogan used since the 1950s to promote the city of Birmingham.

This is why I love Birmingham. The people here are inspired about bringing vibrancy back to the city and excited to connect with others to make it happen. “Small sources for large scale change”. 

Learn more about the project and the people behind it here:

It's Nice To Have you in Birmingham Kickstarter
Magic City Mural Collective | @mcmcbhm
Buy Local | @buylocal
Trim Tab Brewery | @trimtabbrewing

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