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I have a love of all things vintage. Knowing certain pieces were passed down for generations, and had an entire life before it ever entered my world, is such a romantic idea. I love to think about the history of vintage pieces - who may have used them, where they came from, or what role these pieces may have played in another life besides my own. A great vintage piece can add so much personality and charm to a home. I tend to lean towards the housewares like dishes, artwork, and accessories. My mom was always collecting treasured items that reminded her of her childhood or past. Vintage dishes like her mama used or a handmade quilt from a relative were always valued in our home which I am sure is why I cherish them so much myself. When it comes to vintage there are certain things that I find myself drawn to more than others

Pyrex + Jadeite are a few things that I love to discover in a vintage shop or thrift store. These pieces come in so many great shapes and sizes and are so colorful and super useful! I love the idea of mix-matched dishes anyways but especially these pieces with their bold colors and retro charm. These pieces are ones that you will pass down to your children for years to come.

Colorful artwork like vintage paint by numbers always catch my eye. The vibrant colors fade beautifully over time and the subjects are so often nature or animals that have such a playful aesthetic to them. They look great in a collection or gallery wall.

Vintage textiles like quilts, dish towels, handkerchiefs, or tablecloths are something I've recently started to collect. Often found with beautiful floral prints and sweet pastel colors, these beautiful linens can add such a lovely touch to a party, picnic, or space. Vintage quilts are not only beautiful but also super useful. My mom always had an eye out for vintage tablecloths and I've found myself following suit.

Vintage baubles and jewelry are always such treasures, especially if they belonged to a family member or someone you loved. My mother passed down to me a few cherished pieces like her princess ring, black onyx ring, and my great grandmothers wedding rings which are some of my most prized possessions. My best friend Kate wore her great grandmothers broach on her wedding bouquet which made it even more beautiful. Even if they aren't from a relative, you can imagine how special these vintage pieces must have been to someone in our history.

There are so many wonderful vintage pieces to search for and collect and these are just a few of my favorites. Don't be fooled, some places will mix in new "made-to-look-vintage" pieces in with the old so be sure you know what you're looking for. If you're like me, it's more about the sentiment than the actual value. Happy hunting!

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