over the weekend

Do you ever have those times when you wish you could just bottle up the moment, so you could remember the feeling forever? That's how I felt over the weekend. Max and I were both sick, hot tea & sweatpants kind of sick, and I don't know if it was the excuse to be lazy together or the cooler weather but it was all kinds of great. We lounged around watching football while my sweet mama baked homemade apple cakes. Oh. my. gosh. those apple cakes! Something about seeing my mom all spread out in the kitchen, and smelling her delicious homemade food, just feels so good. We finally got pumpkins for our doorstep, snuggled the pugs, and even broke out our hoodie and flannels for a coffee date. It's finally feeling like Fall around here and I for one am loving it. I hope you all had a comfy cozy weekend too!

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