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Glasses: c/o Firmoo, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Fabrik, Shirt: Target, Watch: Fossil, Pug: Heaven
When I was in the third grade I got my first pair of glasses and I was thrilled. {I also specifically remember wishing I could have a retainer so....yeah.}. My enthusiasm faded once I realized  this was going to be a lifelong commitment and that my prescription would continue to change even at age 25. We're talking a whopping -7.0 over here. Yikes! Every year, as my eyes worsened, I would have to get new glasses and the styles just got worse and worse. The high prices and my high prescription made it hard to find anything stylish. Finally, that's all changing and I am happy to see new companies emerging that are taking out the middle man mark-ups and offering prescription glasses at affordable prices. I recently discovered a company that does just that. Meet Firmoo. is an online glasses store that offers stylish frames without the ridiculous price tag. I was recently approached by Firmoo to test out their glasses and share my experience with my Something Lovely readers. Turns out they really have a great thing going! Firmoo offers on-trend frames of all shapes and sizes, and teams up with bloggers to help spread the word about their product. How smart!

I chose a pair of tortoise shell frames and I love them. See my frames here. I was a little skeptical with not having tried them on but Firmoo offers photos of their customers wearing the frames along with customer and blogger reviews so that you can be sure they're the right ones for you. As it turns out, mine ended up being a great shape and fit for my face. I love the tortoise color and the frames are very lightweight and comfortable. They even come in a great case and pouch for traveling. I could not be happier! The best part? Firmoo offers a First Pair Free Program for new customers. Yes, FREE! They even have a great little video tutorial to walk you through the process so check them out today and get your free Firmoo glasses! Happy shopping!

See my frames here and get your first pair FREE here
If you have questions or want more information, feel free to email me here.

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