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Heartwork is an online furniture retailer supporting start-ups and small businesses. They believe in good design and that a considered workplace is a better workplace - one that can be both more productive and enjoyable. Heartwork provides simple, creative solutions for the way we work today, made here in the USA. I received an email blast from Heartwork and was immediately intrigued by their name, story, and product. I reached out to them to find out more...

Tell me a little bit about your company and your product. How did Heartwork get started and why? How is your product different? I hear Heartwork worked with color consultant Laura Guido-Clark to create 6 exclusive colors designed for one's pleasure and productivity - tell me more!"

We started Heartwork (www.heartwork.com) because we saw a hole in the market for great designed furniture and accessories for inspiring and creative workspaces. Given most of us spend 8+ hrs a day at work, either at home or the office, our work space should be thoughtful and make us feel inspired and productive. We like to believe we are supporting people who love what they do, do it better! 

Our first collection, Metal Storage 1.0, includes a modular family of storage solutions including various sizes of file cabinets, storage cabinets, bookcases and a media credenza. The high-quality, 18/20 gauge steel pieces are all made in the USA in an amazing range of colors. 

For some reason, most color options for office interiors and furniture still fall into the Grey, Beige or Putty bucket. While color in other interior environments such as residential and hospitality has long been celebrated, for some reason the office has been completely “neutralized”. At Heartwork, we believe color is a right, not a privilege -- and, one that should be exercised more often. As a result, we collaborated with color genius Laura Guido-Clark of LGC Design [http://lgcdesign.com] to develop six exclusive colors. 

There are endless ways to mix and match these colors to create your unique environment. We encourage our clients to think of color as how they want to feel in a given space. Color can be used to create calm, soothing spaces for focused work, or also energized and charged environments for brainstorming and new ideas. We also see color as a way to signal teams or just make an unexpected statement.

Interview with Heartwork founder, Karen John

Learn more about Heartwork here.

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