three lovely things

1 // Vietnamese Coffee. It is SO good! I honestly only tried it because I felt bad saying no after the waiter described it in such detail but, it really was as delicious as promised. It didn't hurt that it was served in vintage jam jars (complete with red and white checked top), and that there were fresh daisies on the table, AND that they gave us a free cinnamon roll. I would say it was an overall win of a Sunday morning. We must have spent a solid hour hanging out at Green Central Station sipping our jam jar coffees. This place is just too adorable!

2 // my best friend Kate is ENGAGED! She broke the news to us the old-fashioned way this weekend and I immediately broke out into what could best be described as a shrill. Kate is the first of my closest friends to get hitched so bear with us sister. One thing for sure, it's going to be one hell of a party and Kate will be the most beautiful bride. Congrats to you both sweet Kate and Niko!

3 // the sunrise on I-20 was breathtaking this morning. On Superbowl Sunday, the last thing I wanted to do was make the trek from Birmingham back to Atlanta so.... I didn't. Instead I opted to wake up before the sun and hit the road at a ripe ole 4am. While hearing the alarm that early was brutal, the coffee was strong and the sunrise was incredible. And the beers and burgers while watching the Superbowl in Birmingham were well worth it. If every Monday could start with a sight like that sunrise I think I'd have a better outlook on the week ahead. 

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with lots of lovely things. 

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