hey guess what ...

Warby Parker is coming to Atlanta!

I have a slight obsession with Warby Parker. I’ll admit it. 
It could be because their glasses are super stylish and only cost $95, when most Rx glasses cost upwards of $200. It could be because I love their story and their “buy a pair, give a pair” program where with every purchase they give glasses to someone in need. It could be because they advertised their monocle on a precious pug pup or because an adorable friend of mine works there and loves it.  Yes, I love them for all of these reasons and knowing that Warby Park is touring across country in a refurbished school bus makes me love them all the more.  You better believe when that Warby Parker bus rolls through Atlanta I will be front and center, falling even more in love with their frames and their company.
I cant wait to meet you Warby Parker!

Meet me there, and learn more here.

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