spring break stay-cation

As the one-year mark of my graduating college draws nearer, I am doing my best to adjust to the changes that the "real-world" has brought, most recently the lack of spring break.  In years past, this past week would have been filled with cheap beer, too many college kids crowding into a small condo, laying out on the beach despite the cold weather in hopes to achieve some sort of sun tan (or burn), and partying the night away in cheesy spring break packed bars...This year however, I am a grown up and I don't get to do such glorious activities. 

Max and I decided to take a more affordable route and have a spring break stay-cation over the weekend. We visited some new local bars and restaurants, and had a fun Saturday at Oak Mountain State Park. 

We grilled out- Max of course was the grill master, visited the local petting zoo and met some very lovey goats, hiked the waterfall trail- despite Max's fear of heights and went paddle-boating- turns out I'm much more of a paddle boat rider... It was a beautiful weekend for a birmingham stay-cation

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