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Meet Kate, she is the creative spirit behind Clear the Way - her blog featuring a daily dose of a little bit of everything. Kate and I met through the blogosphere and decided to get to know each other a little better through a blog swap interview. Here's the scoop...

Tell me about yourself...
I am Kate and although I don't read into horoscopes, I am pretty much a Gemini.  I have no commitment issues and I'm not flaky, I'm just a bit all-over-the-place and I've got a finger in every pie.  I like to say "I am Vegan by choice and Gluten-Free by consequence."  I collect instruments (mostly cheesy gadgety ones from the 80s) but my go-to is guitar...  I am a singer/songwriter/poet.  I talk often and my writing usually involves many etceteras, ellipses, and parentheses.  I am almost-endlessly compassionate and fiercely passionate.  I love anything art, and thus I love fashion.

How did your blog get started?
This might be embarrassing to say, but I really needed to put a cap on my endless internet browsing.  I wanted to have one focus for each day and fulfill that day's quota without over-searching my favorite blogs, fashion sites, on-line catalogs, eBay/etsy, etc.  I am glad I did because my internet-time has been much more fulfilling and I have found that I genuinely love blogging.

What are you most likely to be doing on a typical Saturday afternoon?
I'd like to say something cute here, like "Oh, I read a lot" or "Most Saturdays I do something really productive," but at this point in my life:  I put off doing my college work and eat potato chips.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everything, really.  It can be a bit overwhelming because inspiration really is a force, but I love to be all-inclusive and I love a good challenge.  My current inspiration for everything (fashion, friendships, etc.) is very abstract.  That would be: "Seeking after what others flee."  This is a line from a song of mine which encourages me to pursue the things our society defies: honesty (no make-up), tenderness (bare collar bones), etc.  To me, this is true bravery.

How would you define your style?
Let's just be honest, most people would call my style "Hipster" and I suppose they might be right.  Though, I feel Urban Outfitters is the definition of "ALMOST-cute" and I hate American Apparel so very much.  I would define my style as "Pleasantly Refined, Classic Kate" or something to that affect.  I love Earth tones with some dark purples, vintage or vintage-inspired, and I'm most comfortable in sundresses.

Some quick notes:

I cannot live without... support from a community of carers, my spirituality, or Star Wars Episodes IV-VI.
My favorite time of day is... 1:08 because that's my favorite number.
I can't wait to... begin my professional careers: Kindergarten Teacher and (later) Gender Studies Professor.
The most important thing in life is... to be known.
I'm happiest when... I have helped others discover something about themselves that is novel and fruitful.

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