New Orleans Charm

I recently traveled to New Orleans for my first visit to the Big Easy, and was taken away by the charming architecture, style and characters. We stayed in an old hotel right in the heart of NOLA, waking up each morning to walk a few blocks to Cafe du Monde for warm beignettes and cafe au lait. While touring the city each day, taking in the sights and sounds of the New Orleans way of life, I couldn't help but notice all of the unique aspects of New Orleans style buildings;  the wonderful doors and windows - that you could barely distinguish between, the large overhanging balconies- giving the perfect view of all the action on the streets, and all of the lavish greenery- plants and ferns hanging from each balcony. All of these details set the scene, making New Orleans a place like no other, with people, places, sights and sounds that are truly charming and representative of a lifestyle all it's own.

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