new design demand for pubs and bars

I found a very interesting article in The Morning Advertiser about the new demand for improved interiors in pubs and bars. With recent bans on smoking in bars, improvements in beer and wine selections in local groceries, and the rising appeal of coffee shops bars have been forced to step it up in order to compete and continue to fill their stools.

“Pubs have become much more of an acceptable place to have a good meal out, and the quality of food has improved immensely, but the credit crunch put pressure on pubs to provide a complete offer and value for money,” says Clevely.

“Everything has to be right: food, atmosphere and staff. Pub companies are having to spend more on interiors and soft furnishings to create the point of difference that will help their premises stand out from the crowd.”

“We have been through a very neutral period, with browns and natural finishes, but now you see much lighter and fresher bars with welcoming textures and comfortable furnishings to the fore.”

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