Edgewood Cottage Update // How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

It's been a while since I've shared our progress on our Edgewood Cottage and you may remember this post with my inspiration for our mix and match dining chairs. I have to admit I was a bit worried it was going to turn out to be a total hodgepodge but I am so happy with the final look! We still have a long way to go for this dining space... the rug is too narrow, the chandelier is outdated and too high, the tiny white console has got to go and I would love a large scale buffet and mirror or artwork above... but I want to take my time to find the perfect pieces that I truly love. Once we have everything else in place I think it will be the eclectic, collected look I've been dreaming of. Until then, we're loving our mix and match chairs and even added a highchair for baby Mills which we are so happy blends in with the rest of our home. Achieving the mix and match look without it feeling random can be tricky, so here are a few tips for how to get the look:Keep the scale consistent :: go for chairs that are similar in scale and have relatively the same seat and back height. The consistency of scale will help tie together the variety of shapes and finishes.
Go for sets of three :: having three of the same chair, spaced diagonally from one another, will help it from feeling too random. For example, since we need 8 total chairs I chose to do 3 natural wood, 3 dark walnut, and 2 black - this way I can space them out "randomly" but still have visual balance (we swapped out one of the natural wood chairs for the natural wood high chair but you get the idea).

Consider the style, era and material :: while I love an eclectic look, grouping chairs of all different colors materials or styles can feel overwhelming and disjointed. Using chairs with a thread of similarity will help it feel intentional.

And just like any home or decorating project, just give it a try and see how it feels. You may have to tweak or change it up but that's what makes it fun! Stay tuned for more progress - because I have the spring cleaning / home refresh bug something serious.

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