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With our upcoming move to California ahead of us, I can’t stop day dreaming about our new digs. As of now, we have no idea where we will live, what it will be like, or what we’re planning to take with us (SO much to figure out!) but, since we’re not sure what the future holds after fellowship, we’re trying to keep it simple and only take things we love/need. We can only take so much on our cross-country trek!

So, with a new home in a whole new part of the country, what better time to mix things up try a new style in our décor? I’ve been seeking a little california-style interior inspiration and I love these interiors because I feel like they represent the perfect youthful, California vibe I’m going for.

California style is all about a relaxed laid back look, with Spanish and coastal influences. Of course there are so many ways this can go – high end, traditional, boho, eclectic you name it. For me, I’ve always preferred a more “collected” home look anyways so the loose, layered, boho, California look really appeals to me. Here are a few tips to get the look:

Layer :: for a comfortable, laid back look
Use patterns :: kilm rugs, bold stripes, African mudcloth…
Mix organic textures :: like rattan, fur, seagrass, leather, wood
Add a touch of mid-century :: think sputnik chandelier and hairpin legs
Mix old with new :: vintage pieces and collections mixed with crisp whites and bright colors
Plants, plants, and more plants :: mix sculptural plants like mother-in-laws-tongue and cactus with softer, loose greenery like ferns and philodendrons

Don't these just make you want to move to California!? Wish me luck!

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