Tips to make your home holiday ready

With guests, gifts, and decor galore, the Christmas holidays are an exciting and potentially overwhelming time of year. I went into full-out nesting mode when I pulled out the Christmas decorations, and I'm so glad that I did because now I just love how our loft looks, all ready for Christmas! I have a love of vintage Christmas decor - the beautiful vintage ornaments, the creepy little elves, the tacky silver trees... i love it all! Regardless of your Christmas decor style, here are a few tips to help make your home holiday ready:

De-clutter and deep clean :: with more people in your home, and all of the gifts and food, it can get a bit overwhelming. Clear out any clutter and give your space a deep cleaning so that all of this is a GOOD thing instead of an annoyance. Clear off your counter tops to make way for holiday treats, pare down on your normal decor and accessories so that your holiday decorations can shine, clean out a dedicated area for guests to store their belongings, gifts and more.

Add scents of the season :: there are so many great ways to fill your home with seasonal scents, like evergreen, orange clove, cinnamon, and firewood. Try a soy scented candles, homemade potpourris, or use the smell of baked goods to fill your home with a welcoming aroma. I always save our Christmas tree clippings and place them around in vases to add decor and scent around my space. I usually have paperwhites this time of year which I love to see and smell. I LOVE the tinsel scented candle from Green Bottle Candle Company and have had my eye on a few stovetop potpourri recipes like these.

Cozy it up ::  A blanket with a great texture, like a soft chenille or faux fur, draped over your sofa or lounge chair will encourage your guests to cozy up. Candlelight adds a soft, warm ambiance. A plush rug will instantly warm up cold floors. A few little comfortable touches here and there, will have your home feeling cozy in no time.

Whatever you do to prepare your home for the holidays, be sure to make the most of it! Wishing you all a very lovely Christmas!
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