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Hello! Long time no post. Sorry for the silence around here, it’s been a VERY exciting couples of weeks … I have so much to tell you! If you follow along on Instagram you’ve probably already seem part of my exciting news but trust me, there’s more.

First things first…  I’M ENGAGED!! Last Thursday, my mom and I set out for what I thought was a mother daughter date at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was a beautiful spring evening and my mom was extra excited about our evening together. When we got there, my boyfriend Max showed up out of nowhere and announced that he and my mom had been in cahoots to get me to the gardens for a surprise date night. Max lives in Birmingham so him showing up on a random Thursday in Atlanta is a treat in and of itself! At first, I was a little suspicious but after seeing how calm and collected Max was, I felt sure it was just a wonderful surprise evening together. As we wandered through the gardens, we made our way up a private trail to get a closer look at the mother earth sculpture and next thing I know, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn't get my “YES” out fast enough. I was so surprised and couldn't wait to share our wonderful news with family and friends and now finally with all of you. I am so excited to marry my best friend and to start our life together!

Speaking of starting our life together…  I'M MOVING TO BIRMINGHAM!! Max and I have done the long distance thing for a while now (4.5 years to be exact…) and have dreamed of the day when we could be together without having to cross state lines. In march, Max matched for his residency at UAB and we decided it was time for us to say goodbye to the long distance thing and hello to a new life together in Birmingham. We found an amazing loft downtown and will be moving in a few weeks. We are in the best location and in walking distance to all of our favorite downtown hotspots like pale eddies, carrigan’s, railroad park, paramount, pepper place, and more! 

Also in walking distance is my NEW JOB at LIVE design group in Birmingham! LIVE design group is an architecture and interiors firm located in the heart of pepper place in downtown Birmingham. They are an amazing group of talented and charismatic individuals who already feel like home. I am so excited for this new opportunity and to continue pursuing my dream!

And last but not least, my wonderful fiancé Max GRADUATED from UAB Medical School last weekend and is officially a Doctor! I could not be more proud of his incredible accomplishment and his cheerful and loving approach to all that he does in life.

I am overcome with joy and excitement as our life plans are finally all coming together. It has been a long road and has not always been easy. For so long, we have both focused on our careers while working to maintaining our long distance relationship and we are so excited to truly start our life together and on such a high note. Watch out Birmingham - here we come! 

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  1. I could not be happier for my special niece Lauren! You are beautiful, smart and a wonderful girl. May Gods blessings pour over you forever and ever. Love you , so happy for you and so glad that Max is going to be a part of the family! Love Love Love you, Aunt Cindy

  2. Congratulations on all of yours and Max's wonderful life accomplishments! So happy for you guys!

  3. Watching from a far... you have been such a gracious and grounded young woman. the best is yet to come. keep writing.

    We have design connections and family in Birmingham in Mountain Brook that we are ready to activate on a moments notice for you two should you need home away from home and/or a cottage to live in.

    Just this past weekend we were up at Yonah Lodge and in the photo album was a lovely thank you not you sent me after your weekend stay. Classy and lovely...

  4. Sooo happy about it all! Can't wait to start hearing the wedding plans:)

  5. Lauren it is so wonderful to start this day with your exciting news. I can only image how happy and proud your Mother is of such a beautiful inside & out daughter. The future looks so bright for you and Max. Enjoy the journey. Congratulations to you both!!! Susan Harrison

  6. Thank you all for sharing in our excitement and the wonderful support!

  7. So excited for you both! Love reading your blog posts and can't wait to get to see you more often!! Rainie



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