For George

Today I am thankful. Last night my mom volunteered at a shelter in downtown Atlanta. While she was there, she met a man named George. George is a 62 year old man who lost everything he had and is now homeless. After his wife died three years ago, he quit his job, sold his house, and took a chance on a business venture. That business venture failed and he lost it all. With no money, no family, and nowhere to go he is now homeless and living in an abandoned house in downtown Atlanta. With all of the struggles George faces each day, he said the worst part is that he is lonely. 
It’s amazing how easily we forget how lucky we are. For our family and friends, health, homes, jobs, and all of our blessing we so often take for granted. Last night, as the rain poured down I thought of George. This morning as I drank my coffee, I thought of George. Today when my mom said “I love you”, I thought of George. Thank you George for helping me to remember to always be thankful.

To help George and others in the Atlanta area visit SafeHouse Outreach. A smiling face and friendly conversation means more than you know.

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