Dress your Nest - for Kate + Niko

My lifelong friend and bosom buddy Kate and her boyfriend Niko (and his dog Kaiser) will soon be moving in together into a townhome in Charleston. As a young couple living together for the first time Kate and Niko are setting out to combine the furniture they already have (see exhibit A - existing sofa + tables) in a way that creates a place to call home. Combining his contemporary style and love of natural elements, with her more “traditional meets young and fresh” taste will be no easy task but since they are both willing and able I have offered to help them Dress their Nest with a little inspiration, a few suggestions, and a lot of love.

why don't we start with a little inspiration...
balance + texture // this large dark sofa is balanced by pairs – a pair of matching chairs in a fun fresh color, and a pair of ottomans in a lively texture. The metallic of the table and bright colors in the pillows brings energy to this otherwise overpowering sofa

color // the neutral tones of the mirror and basin pop against the deep rich wall color. The pop of teal adds a bright touch and the light fixture is a perfect example of how one unique piece can truly make a space. These colors work beautifully together

shape + interest // this overall neutral palette is given a sense of playfulness by the color in the artwork and modern flare of the side table and lamps. The geometric pattern of the rug, even in a neutral, adds movement and interest and helps anchor this space in a modern way

color // this example may be extreme but it shows that nothing is off limits in terms of color. All of the varying textures and patterns make the wide range of colors mesh well together

balance // the visual weight in this space is balanced by the rug which brings not only color but a more feminine pattern and texture. This adds an element of freshness that balances out the otherwise masculine pieces. Also, the modern desk and sculptural light fixture add an bold edge to this interior

now, how about some tips...

color // since we’re working with the existing dark leather sofa + beige walls + gold curtains, I would suggest adding some color by bringing in bold tones like navy and charcoal. Add a pop of youthfulness with mustard, teal, or dusty blue tones, stark whites, and blacks. Add in gold or silver accents for some shimmer. This pillow for example has a great balance of bright and bold colors as well as a fun pattern

shape // incorporating contemporary shapes will help to offset your traditional furnishings. A vase or lamp in a curvilinear shape, an oversized circular or oval mirror, a geometric print or pattern, or an architectural shaped plant (think mother inlaws tongue, cactus, succulents, oh my!) For example, this mirror offers a modern touch with it's unique shape and finish

character + charm// let your space express your personal styles and interests. Don’t just buy things from the “home décor” section – decorate with things that you want in your home, things you connect with for whatever reason. Surrounding yourself with pieces that you love will automatically give your space a great sense of style and charm. Like this table full of fun odds and ends, clearly one of  a kind

Congrats on your new nest and this exciting new chapter in your lives.
I can't wait to come visit!

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board:


  1. Lauren,

    I wish I could transplant some of your pictures into our place; great ideas and tips! We will have fun making the place our own.

    Thanks so much for your insight!

  2. Love it, Lauren!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration. It takes a pro to make a Rooms-to-Go set look sylish :)



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