sun in my belly

Theres nothing I love more than trying out a new eatery on a beautiful Saturday, so naturally on the morning of my birthday that's just what we did. Max and I ventured to Kirkwood to try out the neighborhood cafe Sun in My Belly, which based on the name alone I was sure to fall in love with. Immediately upon arrival I got giddy at the sight of the trendy crowd, repurposed building, eclectic interior, and a menu that could have been made for me. Pimento cheese omlette, challah french toast, pressed brie and fig jam focaccia... basically my foodie dreams come true.
After ogling over the menu I decided to try the special - an prosciutto, purple onion, mushrooms, and gouda cheese omelet served with a homemade biscuit and honey bacon... It was love at first bite.

The belly pleasing southern-inspired menu and sunny "vintage-meets-crafty" interior made this an all around win for a gal like me. SiMB put some sun in my belly, a smile on my face, and a new go-to brunch spot on my local favorites list.

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