welcome to miami ...

I recently ventured on a weekend getaway with my boyfriend Max to the fabulous South Beach Miami! We had four wonderful days together soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool, eating seafood, taking long walks on the beach, and enjoying frozen daiquiris in the hot tub (in January people!). Max attended a work conference while we were there, which left me plenty of time to take in all of the other wonderful things about Miami- like the colorful beach shacks and umbrellas and the historic Art Deco district. There are so many different styles of architecture, design, and interiors in South Beach, I could go on and on, but these are a few of my favorites.

If only I could have captured the image from my airplane window of all the hot pink, orange, and blue Miami houses and buildings, surrounded by luscious green palm trees and crystal blue waters. With "Welcome to Miami" by Will Smith blaring in my head - that's one of those moments I will never forget!

Beach Style


Art Deco Style

Resort Style

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