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Leaving college and moving home to live with the 'rents is an all too familiar scenario. Trying to cram a house, or apartments, worth of stuff into one bedroom is no easy task. My dear friend Rainie asked me a while back if I had an advice for her as she tries to tackle this change and adjust to living with her biological roommates. How do you make a small space feel larger? Well there are lots of tricks and tips and misconceptions. Here are a few of the important pointers I feel will help you my dearest Rainie, and all you others out there who could use some tips too...

1. just because the space is small, doesn't mean the furniture should be. Using a few large pieces in a small space actually makes it feel larger. Having more small pieces make the space feel more crowded, whereas tall and larger pieces give it bulk making it more impressive. An added bonus, you will actually have more organizational space which leads me to my next point...

2. get rid of the clutter! Having lots of knick knacks or stuff everywhere will overwhelm a small space. Utilize underbed storage, wall shelving, chest of drawers etc to stay organized and keep the space open and clean. Go up and under to make the most of your storage possibilities. Allowing open spaces around the room making it feel more spacious and open.

3. don't be afraid to use color, pattern and texture! These things make a space feel warm, no matter how big or small. When dealing with a small space, you don't have to paint it white- there are plenty of small spaces that are darker colors, just be sure its not overpowering for the space or for your personal liking. Using white as an accent however, will add a crispness to the space. Accentuate the color of the walls by using patterns and textures that mesh well together. Using a textured rug will add dimensions. Using pattern and color will make the space feel inviting rather than small and "closet like".

4. speaking of closets... one of my favorite tricks for small spaces is removing closet doors. Closet doors usually take up a good bit of bedroom space in order to allow for the door swing. By removing the doors, you add extra usable square footage to your space. If you are organized enough, just leave the closet open. Paint in the inside or wallpaper it and have it be a recessed area. If you need a little something to close it off, add curtains as doors. This will also add some softness to the space and a great opportunity for added pattern.

5. and finally, the mirror trick. Mirrors are a great design tool; small spaces typically have a major lack of lighting, using mirrors to reflect light will warm up your space adding extra light and visual interest. Also for wall decor, avoid small pieces- rather use one large piece of artwork, or a collection of a few larger sized frames. Small pieces tend to create a cluttered feeling in small spaces. Less is more in terms of decor is usually a good idea for livable small spaces.

For more tips and inspiration visit and learn how to make the most of small spaces. 
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  1. Thank you Lauren! I love the removing closet door idea, and the mirrors!



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